What is Stickymap?
Stickymap is an interactive map that allows users to annotate map content. Anyone can add markers, share opinions, and explore the map. We just have one rule – all contributions must be rated PG – no swears or inappropriate content are allowed.

In addition, Stickymap encourages community organizations to create their own interactive maps of their neighborhoods. The community mapping tool is a free web-based program that allows community interest groups to share maps of their projects, partners, etc.

How do I add content?
Click on the create marker tab and follow the instructions. Please try to make certain that you are adding markers in their correct locations.

What is the importance level used for?
The importance level is used to set the zoom levels that a location will appear on the universal map. To change the importance level of a location, click on that location, and then chose “change importance.” The higher the importance, the more zoom levels the location will be visible. (Note that the importance level is irrelevant if you create personal maps or SuperMaps; every marker that you include in these custom maps will always appear).

How do I create custom maps?
In order to create custom maps, you’ll need to register as a community group. Then, log in to the website, and access your Community Control Panel by clicking on “Community Tools.” Please review the Flash tutorials, which will give you step by step instructions on how to create custom maps for your community organization.

How can I share my custom maps?
All personal maps and SuperMaps have their own URLs – so you can link directly to them from your webpage or emails. You can also embed SuperMaps on your webpage. To access these features, log into your “Community Tools” control panel, and follow the directions.

How do I search?
Stickymap currently allows you to search through three different databases. You can search through Stickymap’s marker database, use Yahoo Local’s yellow page data, find addresses using Yahoo’s address locator, and view markers by type with the sifter.

What if I can not find the appropriate icon?
Of course, we have not created all the icons that are needed. Please send us your requests admin@stickymap.com

Is there a limit to the number of markers that I can add?
No. You can add as many as you like. If you have a database of markers, you should contact us for a mass upload.

Must I sign in?
For now, users are asked to sign in, but it is not required. Anyone can annotate the map. By registering, you allow others to know that you’re a contributor.

Can I print out my custom maps and distribute them?
We currently do not support printed maps. Google Maps, the software that runs our underlying map, cannot be sold for commercial use. If you want to print maps for your community organization to use, create a screen shot and then print out that screenshot.

Can I distribute the content?
All code and content is copyrighted and the property of Stickymap. Feel free to send friends URL links of our content. If you would like to redistribute content, please remember that all content is property of Stickymap. Therefore, content can not be used for commercial use without permission.

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