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Stickymap is a free charitable service that helps community organizations create graphical maps of their projects. Non-profits, business associations, foundations, teachers, and more can use Stickymap to demonstrate their impact in their communities by showing where partnerships and projects are located. In addition, the community can interact with the maps by uploading pictures and text descriptions. Stickymap is a social action project sponsored by Neighborhood Resources LLC.

In addition, Stickymap is a “wiki” style website that allows users to annotate a public map. This fun interactive map encourages users to share their neighborhoods on the World Wide Web. Stickymap empowers the Web community by allowing its members to create markers, edit and remove content, and explore new areas. At Stickymap, through a system of trust, the web community cooperatively builds a current and meaningful valuable resource. It is our hope that the map will be utilized by those who enjoy collaborative learning.

Max Sklar and Daniel Wiznia thought of Stickymap during a brainstorming session at Yale University. The concept formed while discussing the need for an interactive map and having observed Web 2.0 sites that allow users to work together. The team realized that the web offers resources that encourage developers to innovate by allowing them to integrate technologies not available several years ago.

About our team:

Yale University provided a unique environment that allowed our team to incubate ideas and work with faculty. Currently there are two members on our core team.

Max Sklar received a BS in Computer Science from Yale University. He is a theoretical mastermind who is interested in mathematics. At Yale, Max co-hosted a news talk radio show on WYBC AM, was a member of the Fifth Humor Sketch Comedy group, and a member of the Yale Engineering Design Team. Currently, Max is working in New York City for a software development company. Max Sklar acts as the lead programmer.

Daniel Wiznia received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University. At Yale, Dan co-hosted a news talk radio show on WYBC AM with Max, co-founded the Yale Engineering Design Team, and contributed to several entrepreneurial ventures. In the fall, he will move to Los Angeles to work as a consultant.


Stickymap could not have been created without the following resources.

Internet Tools

Software Packages

References Books

  • Foundations of AJAX, by Ryan Aselon and Nathaniel T. Schutta
  • Special Edition Using Javascript, by Paul McFedries
  • How to do Everything with PHP & MySQL, by Vikram Vaswani

The site uses a variety of different internet technologies including pHp, javascript, AJAX, and HTML.

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