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Brooklyn Blogfest 2008 Details

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

On Thursday I went to the Brooklyn Blogfest in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was held at the Brooklyn Lyceum, which I have (of course!) linked to Stickymap. The event was a lot larger, and a lot more organized than I thought it would be. Fortunately, they had a “shout-out” section where people can go up and talk to the participants about their project. I was able to give a short talk about Stickymap, and afterwards I met a bunch of neighborhood bloggers. Many of them were open to looking into the Stickymap widget for their blog. Below is a picture of me doing the Shout Out.


It’s obvious that the Brooklyn blogging community is a powerful force. In the past month, I’ve been searching for local blogs in various cities around the country, and it feels that Brooklyn has more leads than anyone else. Thank you to the organizers to this event, which was a huge success. Particularly, Louis Crawford of onlyTheBlogKnowsBrooklyn.


At Stickymap, we’ve spent a lot of time on the site and on the service. As a result, our blog is very basic. It’s amazing to see how much innovation is going on in the blogosphere, particular as it pertains to hyperlocal content. I hope that Stickymap can be a part of this. As sites in Brooklyn start using Stickymap, we will let you know about it here.

I’d also like to thank two people who came along: Dan Fichter has helped us out before on Stickymap, as our quality assurace engineer. On Thursday, he came along and helped spread the word on Stickymap. Also helping out was Lani from Lani found a lot of interest in her blog, which will hopefully pioneer the use of Stickymap in the next few weeks.



[where: Brooklyn, NY]