Registering for our automated emails.

I’m glad to see this project move forward and this blog is going to be a great reference and forum for the work that we’ve been doing.

One of the great things about Stickymap is that we allow users to share their unique geographic information. Given this goal, we need to upgrade our system for registering and activating users. Activation is the process whereby users prove that they own a given email address by clicking a link sent to their inbox. Today we found a bug in the activation email where the URL was given out incorrectly. I fixed the problem so that future emails will be correct, and even the incorrect activation URLs will now work as expected. Thanks to all the users who took the time to send us an email and alert us to the problem!

We’re currently working on a system of nicer HTML emails. Some users have reported that of our registration emails have ended up in their spam folder. It seems that the evil spammers have made it difficult even to send requested emails. We’re looking at ways to reduce the likelihood of our emails being sent to the spam folder. We’d appreciate anyone’s ideas and expertise.

In the future when this system is improved, look for more advanced automated email options: you’ll be able to watch points of interest for changes, or perhaps receive messages through your profile. Please send us any other ideas you may have.


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